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Summer Holidays in Alta Badia

The possibilities offered by this immense natural gymnasium of the Dolomites are innumerable. From alpinism to sports climbing, routes of all types and grades exist, weaving their way up an infinite number of splendid rock faces, seemingly created for what here in the Dolomites has historically been one of the major sports.

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And then there are of course the 'Vie Ferrate' and equipped paths, 'invented' here, enabling easy access to the summits of the greatest and highest Dolomite peaks. The important Alte Vie have been created specifically for trekkers and hikers: these long itineraries cross through entire Dolomite groups and allow for an in-depth understanding of the area as, day after day, walkers come into direct contact with nature and the mountains themselves.
The close-knit and varied network of paths, be they long and difficult or short and simple, offers all walkers the possibility of enjoying the forests, rock faces, rivers, lakes and the outstanding beauty of the Pale Mountains.