Ladin culture & way of life

Hospitality in the Dolomites

The Dolomites with its majestic in their geometry, coral - hued at dawn and sunset have enchanted visitors throughout the centuries. But our valley is not only the magic of the mountains. This corner, which seduces, fascinates and above all fulfils expecations, hides a high - value artistic and historical heritage. Welcome to the land of the Ladins, a minority people, who keeps on defending with pride their own cultural, linguistic roots. It's the Ladin traditions rooted in the Retic culture which particularly arouse curiosity among visitors. Great importance is given to the preservation of the territory, the sense of belonging to the local community and the love for the mountains. These aspects can be found in the legends and tails about the valley, in handcraft and, last but not least, in the warm hospitality.